OK, so I’ve been busy…

It is hard for me to keep running while I am busy. The truth is that I am never going to find the time to run. I have to make the time to run. I know that I can. Sometimes I just don’t manage to do it enough.

Usually it doesn’t work out for me unless I get up early enough to squeeze in a run before the work day begins. On the other hand, sometimes I can work it in during lunchtime. The real problem with me is motivation.

Unless I am on a training schedule for a particular event, I tend to let the running slide for seemingly more important things like clipping my toenails or watching a movie. I have to remember that I run because I really like running and how it makes me feel free and alive. Obviously, it is hard to keep that memory fresh unless I have done it recently.

The longer I postpone my next run the harder it is for me to do. It isn’t because it is physically more difficult. Sometimes it is easier. I just don’t remember how much I love to run and how much joy it brings me.

To keep it up, I need to remember the joy especially when joy seems so impossible to find. Every time I run I stay in the moment. When I am running nothing else matters but my flight across the terrain and where to place the next footstep. I need to do it. I just need to keep going.


About writergonewild.wordpress.com

C.S. Trimmier was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up playing in the woods on the banks of the Cahaba River. After earning a degree in political science, he studied law and worked with his father's firm until he left to serve as general counsel for a defense contractor in the Washington, DC area. When he isn't working or writing, he can still be found running through the woods training for his next ultramarathon.
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