Baby, It’s Cold Outside

My throat hurts worse than my legs. Heck, I’m an Alabama boy. Where I grew up weather below 30 degrees is considered incompatible with human survival and a few inches of snow is considered a blizzard. Now that I live in the mid-Atlantic I have to cope with bitter and evil cold temperatures if I want to run on actual outdoor trails. This is a tough thing for me.

Besides the getting over the I’m-not-supposed-to-go-out-in-the-cold thing, there is the what-to-wear thing. I seem to either over dress or under dress. It is tough to make more clothing magically appear when I am several miles out from the car. Even if I wear too much I have to cope with carrying around extra gear that I don’t have stowage for after I strip off. I guess I should start running with a backpack. Yee-haw.

More than that, there is the throat thing. The first time I ran in cold weather this season I could barely talk for a week afterward. First I had a deep and strong voice like a middle linebacker or a buttkicking mercenary and I thought that was kinda cool. Unfortunately that gave way to an I-sound-like-I-am-sick-and-I-can-barely-talk voice that lasted for a week. I could have lived with that except for the fact that essentially I talk for a living. Yet another sacrifice I make for my sport I suppose.

Of course I could run indoors. I actually have a treadmill at home. I don’t even mind using it. I like it better than running on pavement. The thing is, I would rather be out on trail even if I can’t talk so well afterwards.



C.S. Trimmier was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up playing in the woods on the banks of the Cahaba River. After earning a degree in political science, he studied law and worked with his father's firm until he left to serve as general counsel for a defense contractor in the Washington, DC area. When he isn't working or writing, he can still be found running through the woods training for his next ultramarathon.
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